WSWSC Receives Critical Load designation from PEC


As part of our preparations for cold weather events the WSWSC applied to PEC for a Critical Load Designation. What this does is prioritize the electrical load for WSWSC water infrastructure over others. WSWSC has recently received notification that our application was accepted as a priority load ongoing.

This cannot guarantee that WSWSC won’t have an issue with the power line coming from Bertram or that PEC won’t be in a situation where they will need to turn off the power. It does move WSWSC up on the priority list of loads to keep operating in an emergency like the one we had February of 2021.

Other preparedness actions WSWSC is taking are evaluating backup generation for one or more of our facilities and updating insulation on exposed water lines.

Follow the attachment below for the official notification letter from PEC.

Critical Load Notification Letter