Water Conservation During the Drought

The Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District has moved to Stage 4 of their Drought Management plan effective June 13, 2022. It is important to note that this plan is separate and distinct from the water conservation stages that the WSWSC uses for the sign at the front of the subdivision. The WSWSC plan is driven by the Tariff that governs our operation and compliance is mandatory. The CTGCD plan is completely voluntary.

Please see this link for what the CTGCD is asking all water users in Burnet County to do Link. General drought information for the county can be found here. If you can conserve even in small ways, it can add up as a positive impact for the county.

Whitewater Springs water infrastructure is performing well during this drought period. We’ve worked diligently to eliminate leaks that have caused undue stress on the system. For reference, last month we only pumped 51% of the theoretical maximum our wells can produce. The wells we have are also considered deep wells that are not subject to some of the issues that shallower wells may experience.

I share this not to make you complacent, rather assure you that we are well positioned to weather this drought. Please do what you can to conserve.