Someone may have a leak

We are noticing a large uptick in water usage. I’m concerned that someone may have a leak they are not aware of. Please take a few minutes to see if you have any leaks outside your house. If you know your neighbor is out of town you may want to check on their house.

This is not uncommon when we have temperatures as cold as they were for as long as it lasted. The leak often isn’t noticed until temperatures warm back up and the frozen pipe thaws out.

If you need your water shut off to stop a leak you can contact PGMS at 512-894-3322 and Mark will respond. You should have a main shut off valve for your house, but it may be hard to find.

PGMS will be inspecting our water system today to see if any new leaks have occurred.

If you find anything at your house or see something that may be a water system leak please send an email to so that we know about it.

Gregg Thompson