New Residents

How to get a water meter

You’ve closed on your property. One of the first questions may be whether or not to become a member of the WSWSC and get a water meter. There are a few considerations for this:

  • Once you obtain your water meter you will need to pay the base fee of $105 per month. If you aren’t planning to build for some time this can add up. But it does guarantee you a meter.
  • It typically takes 4 – 6 weeks to install a new tap. It can take longer if we run into issues with your specific lot. The prior developer did a good job in some situations and poorly in others. We are also at the mercy of supply chain issues with the hardware and meters that are required for your tap. If you are getting close to building it doesn’t hurt to add a couple of extra months to the timeframe for getting your water tap to ensure water doesn’t cause an issue for your builder.
  • The WSWSC cannot guarantee a meter at a future date. Our first priority is always to existing members who already have meters. This area is growing, and the number of meters is tied to the amount of water well production by state regulation. We work hard to stay ahead of the curve on water production, but as in most things in life there are no guarantees.
  • Generally, you cannot drill your own well for domestic water supply within Whitewater Springs.

Apply for the water meter

  • Obtain a 911 address from the county Burnet County 911 address information. The easiest method is to send them a copy of the survey with where you think your driveway and structure will be when you build drawn in. It doesn’t need to be 100% accurate at this stage.
  • Once you have your 911 address order a 911 address sign. These signs are the small green reflective signs most residents have on their lot to help first responders find their house. The Sign Shop in Burnet – (512) 755-0362 is one place that knows how to make them. Another place you can obtain one is Just search for “911 reflective address sign.” It should be green with white lettering like this:
  • When you receive your sign place it on your lot in a conspicuous location. It will be used by water personnel to identify your lot. It also serves the purpose of helping emergency resources find your lot if they are called. 
  • When you have your 911 address and sign call PGMS at 512-894-3322 and request a service investigation for your lot. They will ask you for your address as well as your lot number. Your lot number is NOT your street number. The street number will come from the 911 address that is assigned to you by Burnet County.
  • After the service investigation is complete, PGMS will contact you and let you know if there are any additional costs with your installation. If you agree to move forward they will send you an application packet.
  • The application packet will have further instructions for filling out and returning it to PGMS. Only after receiving the completed packet and payment can PGMS put you in the queue to install your meter.

How much are the fees?

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