New Residents

How to get a water meter

You’ve closed on your property. One of the first questions may be whether or not to become a member of the WSWSC and get a water meter. There are a few considerations for this:

  • Once you obtain your water meter you will need to pay the base fee of $88 per month. If you aren’t planning to build for some time this can add up. But it does guarantee you a meter.
  • The WSWSC cannot guarantee a meter at a future date. Our first priority is always to existing members who already have meters. This area is growing and the number of meters is tied to the amount of water well production by state regulation. We work hard to stay ahead of the curve on water production, but as in most things in life there are no guarantees.
  • Generally you cannot drill your own well for domestic water supply within Whitewater Springs.

Apply for the water meter

How much are the fees?