New Rate Schedule Effective June 1, 2022

A modification has been made below due to a change in the process for initiating applications. Any service initiated for investigation with PGMS prior to 6/1/2022 will receive the connection fee of $9,000. Those initiated on or after 6/1/2022 will receive the new connection fee of $12,400.


To Our Neighbors and Water Customers:

The Whitewater Springs Water Service Corporation (WSWSC) is dedicated to ensuring the availability of water to our community now and into the future. To that end, the WSWSC regularly monitors the water system and consumer demand to assess what actions should be taken to meet the community’s needs. Recently, our community has experienced additional population growth. For this reason, WSWSC is taking action to stay “ahead of the curve,” to assure a stable water supply for the future.

What the WSWSC is Doing:

Leak Identification and Remediation – Together with our partner, Professional General Management Services (PGMS), WSWSC actively identifies and fixes water leaks in the distribution system as well as on the WSWSC side of the residential meters.

Monitoring Usage – The rate increase made in August of 2021 has helped to reduce overall water usage in our community.  In 2020, 89% of customers used less than 8,000 gallons per month on average. In 2021, 92% used less than 8,000 gallons per month and so far in 2022, 95% of customers are using less than 8,000 gallons per month. These are positive trends, and we thank you for your efforts.

Maintenance of Current Infrastructure – The WSWSC is committed to providing responsive and reliable service to all our customers. Due to our aging infrastructure, we will need to step up efforts to maintain and modernize our systems. To achieve this, we will be implementing a base rate change to help meet our maintenance needs. This will not impact the per gallon rates.

Exploration and Well Development – The WSWSC has been working hard to find and develop new wells to keep up with the demand in our growing community. This year, we have started two well development projects that will ensure that we stay ahead of the curve for future community needs. This will more than double our current pumping capacity. With the onset of inflation, the costs for all of these are growing rapidly. Therefore, we will be implementing an increase in the cost of a water tap for all new construction. This will not impact existing customers.


Proposed 2022 Rate Schedule– effective with the June bill (May reading)

Monthly base rate (including 0 gallons)

Residential Meter Size:

  • ⅝” or ¾” -$98.00 (Old rate $88.00)
  • 1” – $196.00 (Old rate $176.00)

Gallonage Charge: (Per 1,000 Gallons)

  • 0 – 4,000 gallons – $4.00 (No change) 
  • 4,001-8,000 gallons – $7.00 (No change)
  • 8,001-12,000 gallons – $12.25 (No change)
  • Greater than 12,000 gallons – $29.75 (No change)

Regulatory Assessment Fee …….0.5% (No change)


Proposed 2022 New Meter and Transfer Fees – Effective for all applications postmarked service initiated with PGMS 6/1/2022 or later

NEW Water Meter          Transfer on Existing House

Membership Fee (refundable)       $500                                  $500

Meter Installation Fee                    $900                                  N/A

Connection Fee                             $12,400 (was $9,000)         N/A

Engineering Installation Fee         $50                                     N/A

Customer Inspection Fee              $150                                   N/A

Transfer Fee                                  N/A                                     $100

Total Fees                                      $14,000                              $600


What Can You Do?

Conserve Water – In the short-term, conservation is becoming more important than ever. The long, hot Hill Country summers are particularly taxing on our current wells. The TCEQ website has some excellent tips to help everyone conserve water and we encourage you to visit their site to learn more.

If you are using water for irrigation, we ask that you consider installing a rainwater collection system to lower your dependence on WSWSC wells. The large majority of our customers use less than 8,000 gallons per month. Using March of 2022 as an example, if those that consumed more than 8,000 gallons utilized rainwater collection to supply their needs over 8,000 gallons, we would reduce demand by more than 121,0000 gallons for the month. This would represent 19% of the total water provided in March!

Please note that Stage I water restrictions are currently in effect. For more details please view the most recent amended WSWSC Tariff here

Learn More – WSWSC encourages all members to attend Board Meetings to learn more about our water system, exploration plans, and conservation efforts. Meetings are held quarterly and meeting dates and times are posted on the Information Board at the front of the development. Information is also available on our website at If you are not able to attend meetings in person, meeting notes are also posted there.

As always, it is a pleasure serving you, our customers. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the Board at or attend an upcoming meeting.


The WSWSC Board

Gregg Thompson – President
Frank Caramanica – VP
David Giles – Treasurer
Robert Haley – Secretary
John Kovach– Director
Michael Spehar – Director