Low Pressure

water-2825771_1920: Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

What can I do if I'm experiencing low water pressure?

There are a few things to check if you are experiencing low pressure. One general item to mention is that the customer is responsible for any equipment on their side of the meter. If repairs are needed a licensed plumber should be used.

Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators are installed to limit the amount of pressure that enters a customer’s water system. This helps to keep equipment from damage and undue stress on pipes and fixtures. Over time these devices may need calibration or may get clogged with debris. You can try turning the adjustment screw (at the top on this unit) to see if it improves your pressure. If turning the screw doesn’t change anything the problem may be elsewhere in the system or it could be that the unit needs replacement.

Water Softener

The water supply for Whitewater Springs is pumped up through limestone. This rock is very crumbly which results in quite a bit of debris in the water. Water softeners typically have a screen that filters out this debris to help keep the equipment from being damaged. There are many different types of water softeners, so it’s hard to show all the different configurations.

One thing that most softeners have is a valve that allows you to bypass the system. If you turn this valve to bypass it may improve your water pressure. If this is the case then the water softener filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. It’s also possible that the entire water softener may need to be replaced. 

If you a not comfortable with working on plumbing you may want to hire a licensed plumber to replace these items if you suspect they are causing pressure issues.

If neither of these items seem to be the problem please contact PGMS at
512-894-3322. They will send a technician to check if there is a problem with the water system.