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There are several fees for a new meter. Follow the process here to initiate a new meter application:

Membership Fee (refundable) $500
Meter Installation Fee $900
Connection Fee $22,400 
Engineering Installation Fee $50
Customer Inspection Fee $150
Total Fees $24,000
A monthly base charge of $105/month will begin upon meter installation

Please reference the Documents tab to download latest water quality report.

You can pay by credit card although there is a convenience fee. Here is a PDF with the program details.

You cannot pay for your meter installation via credit card. Check or money order is the only form of payment accepted.

All billing is handled through PGMS. Their customer service number is 512-894-3322.

Subscribe utilizing the box to the right side of any page on the WSWSC.org website.

You can dial 811 for “Dial before you dig” to have utilities come out and identify infrastructure. You can call PGMS customer service at 512-894-3322 to have someone come out and identify any water lines.

It is very unlikely that the lot you bought has a water meter. If someone tells you a meter is included in the sale it would be a good idea to verify that there is indeed a meter. We’ve had real estate agents insist that there is a meter and then the buyer finds out too late that there isn’t. 

One way to verify is to go to the black meter box on the corner of your property and look inside. If there is a meter inside then you are probably OK. Contact PGMS to verify that you have found the correct meter for your lot. The meters are typically next to each other between two lots. You want to make sure you aren’t looking at the meter for your neighbor!

Another piece of evidence that the current owner has a meter is if they are being billed by PGMS. Ask them if they can show you a copy of a current water bill.

No matter what verification you do on your own you should always call PGMS to be absolutely certain. It could make a $24,000 difference in the cost of your lot.

Yes, you need to do this. The site where you apply for a 911 address insists you have to be in the process of building. We have found this not to be true. You just need to know approximately where you will place your driveway.

These pipes lead to valves on the water system. Please DO NOT put anything in them. If something is dropped in there (for some reason plastic water bottles are popular) it can get in the way of the key that is used to turn the valve. This can be a real problem in an emergency!

You are right. A meter doesn’t cost as much as the connection fee. You are paying for a couple of things beyond just the equipment.

First there’s access to water resources. This is legally refered to as a Living Unit Equivalent (LUE). As a member of the WSWSC you have a right to a share of the water resources here. As you can imagine this is very valuable in a dry area like the Hill Country.

Secondly, you are funding the development of additional water supply for yourself and other new residents. Everyone who has built here has had to pay for an LUE and the WSWSC has used those funds to create new wells.

A water tap is technically the device that connects the pipe from your meter to the main water line. It’s often referred to interchangeably with getting a meter or an LUE.

An LUE or Living Unit Equivalent is your right to water in the subdivision. it is often used interchangeably with meter or tap. 

The customer is responsible for any plumbing starting on their side of the meter. The meter itself and anything back to the bottom of the well is the WSWSC’s responsibility.

So I’m sorry to say that the leak in your yard is your responsibility to get fixed!

When the developer installed the water system years ago they didn’t always do everything they should have.

Suncrest Trail has an incomplete water main as well as no taps installed. Lots on that street require extra work to install.

Canyon Ridge Court does not have a water main installed. So that will need to be done by residents who wish to build on that street. 

There are also some isolated incidents of taps not being installed in other areas requiring PGMS to do extra work to install them. They will advise you on the cost when you apply for the meter.

We sure can! Take a look at the information at the bottom of this page.