Rules for Pool Filling

dog-665159_1920: Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

Rules for Pool Filling

It may seem a little odd, but the mundane activity of filling your pool for the first time can be taxing to our water system. In the past, residents were required to do any initial pool filling by trucking in water from an external source. After some analysis it was determined that this was unneccessary as long as the water system was operating normally.

If you are installing a pool and wish to do the initial filling, or are refilling you are required to follow this procedure:

  •  Notify PGMS customer service by calling 512-894-3322 during working hours at least the business day prior, but not more than three business days prior of your plans to fill your pool.
  • PGMS will let you know if there are any water system issues (leaks or equipment problems) or if Whitewater Springs is under Stage III or Stage IV water restrictions. If this is the case you will be unable to fill your pool off of the water system until the issue is resolved. If Stage III restrictions are in place you will only be able to fill your pool in the evenings – 8 pm to 10 am.
  • When you commence filling the pool you will need to limit the flow rate to 5 gallons per minute. For reference a typical garden hose at full pressure will flow at about 20 gallons per minute. To test this take a 5 gallon bucket and time how long it takes to fill it. Set the spigot to fill the bucket in about 1 minute. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be exactly accurate, just in the ballpark. It is critical to not run the hose at full volume as our tank will begin to lose water. Anyone filling a pool when this happens will be our first visit!
  • PGMS will notify you if an issue arises that will require you to stop filling.
  • When your filling is complete please notify PGMS to let them know you are done. That way if an issue arises they won’t call you even though you have already filled.
For your planning you should know that at 5 gallons per minute it will take 67 hours to fill a 20,000 gallon pool. So plan accordingly.


Questions about this process can be directed to