Surplus PVC Pipe For Free!

Hello Members! We have a surplus of PVC pipe being stored at the upper plant. It has been out in the sun too long to be used for water projects so we’d like to offer it to any water company member who can use it. It can be very useful for drainage projects as the … Read more

ACH Bank Drafts for February

If you use auto draft to pay your water bill you may have noticed that the February payment has not processed yet. This is due to an issue with our bank that we are working through. As you would expect there will be no late fees charged for missing this payment. We expect that the … Read more

Cold Weather!

A Hard Freeze Watch for Thursday afternoon through Saturday has been issued. It appears we will have one day with a low in the mid teens. Please review the Freezing Weather page for actions you can take to protect your home from damage. This may also help us to avoid large customer leaks that put a … Read more

Leak repair status

PGMS is closer to pinpointing the leak, but it looks like the repair may be more involved than anticipated. More details will be known once they get to the exact spot. There may be some short water outages on Whitewater drive from the second Ash Juniper intersection to the gate, all WWS addresses on 1174 … Read more

Water Conservation During the Drought

The Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District has moved to Stage 4 of their Drought Management plan effective June 13, 2022. It is important to note that this plan is separate and distinct from the water conservation stages that the WSWSC uses for the sign at the front of the subdivision. The WSWSC plan is driven … Read more

Notice of scheduled water outage

WHITEWATER SPRINGS WATER SYSTEM SCHEDULED OUTAGE TUESDAY MARCH 19, 2013 10:00 AM – 3:00PM Please note that we will be conducting the TCEQ required inspection of the “Pressure Tank” this next Tuesday. This should not affect water system customers on the “gravity” side of the system and we do not expect any customer to be … Read more