Low Pressure – 3:00-3:30 pm Saturday June 22

Those customers on the lower portion of the water system may be experiencing low pressure. There was an emergency repair that needed to be made that was completed about 10 minutes ago. Pressure should be coming back gradually. If you continue to experience low pressure, please report it to PGMS at 512-894-3322. They will send … Read more

WSWSC Moving into the 21st Century!

Good Afternoon Water Customers: The WSWSC is constantly looking for ways to improve our service, whether that means drilling new wells, maintaining our infrastructure, improving customer service, or maximizing our operational efficiency.  Over the past year, we have made strides in all of these areas and today we are pleased to announce a new system … Read more

El Nino is here! Could the drought be ending?

I trust everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. I have what I hope is some good news to report. We are on a favorable trend based on the Drought.gov monitoring for Bertram, TX. It appears that we will be out of drought status within the next few weeks. This trend is likely to continue as … Read more

Surplus PVC Pipe For Free!

Hello Members! We have a surplus of PVC pipe being stored at the upper plant. It has been out in the sun too long to be used for water projects so we’d like to offer it to any water company member who can use it. It can be very useful for drainage projects as the … Read more

Pressure tank repair to start at 9:30

Looks like we’ll start a little later than we thought this morning. Get that last minute shower in now! Just a reminder that this only impacts the upper parts of Whitewater Springs. I’ll let everyone know once work is complete.

Pressure tank repair 9-11 am August 22

Hi all, sorry for the late notice, but we need to do a repair to the valve on the bottom of the pressure tank. This repair will be done from approximately 9 am to 11 am tomorrow morning (August 22). The upper portions of Whitewater Springs will lose pressure during this time. Lower portions should … Read more

Meter installation is complete

The new water meter is installed and we are gradually building up pressure to the upper loop. You will notice very low pressure right now that will begin to slowly build back to normal. We should be at full pressure in about an hour. You may notice some air pockets and discoloration of the water. … Read more

Water outage planned for Wednesday June 21st

We are planning to install the final new meter at the main water plant on Whitewater Drive during the day Wednesday.  This meter will be to replace the meter on the pressure side of the water system. This will impact anyone in the upper parts of Whitewater springs where we use pumps and a pressure … Read more


Update 11:18 am: Taking longer than expected but progressing well. Likely another hour.     Work is now commencing on the gravity feed side of the system. If you live in the valley you will notice lower/no pressure. We anticipate no more than an hour. I’ll let you know once work is complete or if … Read more

Short water outage on Friday May 26

We are planning to install two new meters at the main water plant on Whitewater Drive during the day Friday. The line supplying the large tank will be the first to have a meter installed. This should cause no outages as there is ample supply in the water tank. The second will be to replace … Read more

New Well Goes Live!

The WSWSC has completed the first new well for Whitewater Springs in 13 years. This new well is located at the corner of Whitewater and Edgewood Drive. The well was drilled last summer and it has taken 9 months to get all the infrastructure and regulatory approvals completed. The well is now the fourth production … Read more

ACH Bank Drafts for February

If you use auto draft to pay your water bill you may have noticed that the February payment has not processed yet. This is due to an issue with our bank that we are working through. As you would expect there will be no late fees charged for missing this payment. We expect that the … Read more

Someone may have a leak

We are noticing a large uptick in water usage. I’m concerned that someone may have a leak they are not aware of. Please take a few minutes to see if you have any leaks outside your house. If you know your neighbor is out of town you may want to check on their house. This … Read more

Cold Weather!

A Hard Freeze Watch for Thursday afternoon through Saturday has been issued. It appears we will have one day with a low in the mid teens. Please review the Freezing Weather page for actions you can take to protect your home from damage. This may also help us to avoid large customer leaks that put a … Read more