Another leak

Well, it seemed we were out of the woods with summer winding down a little and the elimination of all measurable leaks from the water system, but we’ve developed a new leak. We know where it is, but it’s going to take a crew from PGMS to repair it. First thing tomorrow they should be able to identify exactly where it is and get it repaired. For the curious the leak seems to be at the first 15 mph curve on whitewater drive after you come through the gate. The only way to truly stop it temporarily would be to turn off service to a fairly large area which we don’t want to do.

Mark from PGMS has been onsite all day and is limiting the pressure in the area to keep our tank full. If you live on Whitewater drive between Ash Juniper and the gate, the last two addresses on Ash Juniper before Whitewater near the gate, or on 1174 you may see some pressure fluctuation. Your water should not go off altogether for more than a brief period of time, so please report it if that happens. You can always flag down Mark in his white PGMS truck too. That’s who gets the calls anyway.

I’m not going to update the stage restriction today but would ask that all members to voluntarily limit outdoor water use until this is repaired. As I mentioned above this should be fixed tomorrow. I’ll follow up once its repaired.

We are so close! Well 5 is literally about a week away from being connected. Once it is up and running leaks like this will not cause as much difficulty as they do today. This is why it’s so important that we invest in new infrastructure. We need some additional capacity to deal with situations like this.