WSWSC is a member-owned, not-for-profit organization serving the residential community of Whitewater Springs, Burnet County, Texas. Our purpose is to provide our members with safe and dependable water that consistently meets or exceeds water quality regulations.

Our water comes from a system of wells tapping the groundwater of the Trinity Aquifer. We are focused on owning and operating a water supply that best serves the corporation’s members.

If you have questions or feedback, please contact us.


Membership to the WSWSC is a requirement to receive water service. Please submit an Application to PGMS.

Transfer of existing water meters:  $600

To install a new water meter (subject to availability):  $10,600

All prices include a refundable $500 membership fee.

Applications and checks should be made out to WSWSC and mailed to:

26550 Ranch Road 12, Suite 1
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Meter Application


Water Rates

Statement regarding water meter availability

Due to community growth and drought conditions in Central Texas, water consumption in Whitewater Springs is expected to reach the upper limits of the current well capacity during the summer months.  Although Whitewater Springs Water Supply Corporation (WSWSC) is proactively exploring and developing new wells to meet the anticipated needs; these projects have undetermined completion dates due to federal guidelines and other variables.  In the interim, WSWSC will continue to sell new water meters; however, if well levels reach critically low levels or new well development becomes stalled for any reason WSWSC may be forced to place a moratorium on new meter sales.

Emergency / After Hours Contact

Professional General Management Services (PGMS) 

866-643-3472 (toll free) or 512-894-3322

PGMS performs all the routine operations, maintenance functions, water meter readings, billing, and most of the the accounting functions.